Ninja Assault

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Arcade game
Hardware: Naomi
Game info
Developer: Sega, Namco
Released: 18 Nov, 2000
Players: 2 Players
Type: Rail shooter
Nassault tittle.png
Nassault gameplay.jpg
Note: Requires DemulShooter

Ninja Assault (ニンジャアサルト, Ninja Asaruto) is an arcade game developed and released by Namco and Sega in 2000 running in the SEGA NAOMI hardware.

Configure Ninja Assault with Demul



You'll need DemulShooter to make reload work and also enable two players

DemulShooter.exe -target=demul07a -rom=ninjaslt

ROM Version

  • The ROM used for this tutorial is the world version, use the same ROM name you load with Demul in any commands shown below


Configure Controls

Ninja assault test mode is hidden in another menu

  • Open Demul.exe -> Config -> Control
  • Assign JVS Test, TEST and SERVICE buttons
  • Configure Arcade Joy 1 buttons UP, DOWN and PUSH1

Launch Game

  • Start the game using Demul.exe -> File -> Run Naomi/Naomi2 -> Select ninjaslt and press OK

or use command line

demul -run=naomi -rom=ninjaslt

Test Menu Settings

  • Enter Test Mode (pressing F4 in this case) when the Naomi logo is shown, then using F2 select "GAME TEST MODE" and press again F4
  • This will now exit you from the Test Menu the game will load.

JVS/Game Menu Settings

  • Press JVS TEST Button (in this tutorial mapped to F3) to open Game Menu
  • In this menu we need to move using UP, DOWN buttons mapped and select with PUSH1 button mapped (in this tutorial mapped to the RETURN key). Select I/O TEST and press Return

Calibrate Gun(s)

  • Select Gun Initialize and press Return to enter the gun calibration menu
  • Select the gun you want to initialize. Calibrate and press return to enter calibration screen
  • Press Return to start calibration, shooting one time to the upper left corner and lower right corner
  • Check if calibration is ok, and exit pressing UP + RETURN

You can change other game options like language, coins assignments, free play, game difficult. Once you are done press JVS TEST button to exit GAME MENU and enjoy the game!!