Demulshooter UAC Bypass

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Instructions on one method of bypassing the UAC prompt without lowering security settings.

  1. In Start Menu Search type "Task Scheduler" and hit Enter to open the Task Scheduler.
  2. In taskbar select Action > Create Task..
  3. In General Tab: Name the task, Check "Run with highest privileges"
    To allow non-admin users to bypass the UAC check "Run whether user is logged on or not"
  4. In Actions Tab: Click "New..."
  5. Action: Start a program. Browse for your DemulShooter install. Add DemulShooter arguments for game.
    New Action window in Task Scheduler. Settings are: Action: 'Start a program' Program/Script 'D:\Games\Tools\DemulShooter\DemultShooter.exe Add arguments )optional) -target=demul07a -rom= Start in (optional) D;|Games\Tools\DemulS
  6. In Settings Tab: Be sure that "Allow task to be run on demand" is checked
  7. UAC SettingsTab.jpg Click "Ok"
  8. To call on the task in a bat file use: schtasks /run /TN "TASKNAME"

Or to call on the task in an AHK use: run, schtasks /run /TN "TASKNAME"

Screenshot of bat file example. Script is: schtasks /run /TN "Demul_HOTD2" START nomousy.exe /hide START /wait demul.exe -run-naomi -rom-hotd2 START nomousy.exe EXIT
Example bat file