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We have been working hard to create a working and user-friendly bezel pack for various systems that is both easy to install and set up. These Bezels allow you to play 4:3 games on a 16:9 screen and put some nice artwork where the black bars would be; They also include the border built-in, so you do not need to activate them manually.

These Bezel packs have been created for use with a 16:9 screen only; If you want to use them with a different aspect ratio screen, you will have to modify them to suit.

We would like to thank all the members of the community who have helped to create these bezel packs.

Also, a special mention to the other members of the community who tested the bezels!

Instructions for installation can be found in the packs.

MAME Bezel Pack

MAME 0.224 & Lower

Download the Sinden Bezel pack for MAME 0.224 and below (v2.6) from Mediafire

MAME 0.225 & Above

Download the Sinden Bezel pack for MAME 0.225 and above (v2.7) from Mediafire

MAME 0.229 & Above Notes

The Video options have changed slightly in MAME version 0.229 and up.

To get to the Bezel sub-menu, you will need to press Enter on the "Screen #0" option of the Video options.

Mame .229 Video options.png

Once in the sub-menu, you will be able to change how dark the bezel is according to how your Sinden Lightgun works with your display.

Depending on the game, there might be more than one bezel to choose from.

Recommend to start off with the darkest bezel level (70-80%) and wide border.

Bezels sub-menu.png

SEGA M2 Bezel Pack

New Model 2 Bezel pack including support for 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 2160p by Prof_gLX, Titchgamer, El Zerelito, TheSaltTrader and H3RBSKIx :


(Depreciated) Download the Sinden Model 2 Bezel pack (V2.1) from Mediafire

(Depreciated) 4K version of the Bezel Pack modified by TheSaltTrader download from Mediafire

SEGA Supermodel M3 Bezel Pack

Download SEGA Supermodel M3 Bezel pack (v3.1) from Mediafire

If you have graphical issues with the bezel pack, try changing QuadRendering to 0 in the .ini file.

If the image/bezel art is incorrectly centered on the screen or your aim is off, ensure your scaling is set to 100% in the Windows Display options.

Demul Bezel Pack for Naomi and Atomiswave games

Download the Demul Bezel Pack (v2.6) from Mediafire

Mesen (NES) Bezel Pack

Download the Mesen Bezel pack (v1.5) from Mediafire

Please note that if the Mesen Bezel pack fails to load the .ahk files and shows the following error, you may need to update AutoHotkey: "GUI_Overlay:Destroy"

Duckstation (PS1) Bezel Pack

Download Duckstation (PS1) Bezel Pack (v1.7) from Mediafire

ePSXe & PCSXR Bezel Pack

ePSXe and PCSXR Bezel pack by Goondam.

Download them from Mediafire

SNES 9X Bezel Pack

The SNES9X Bezel pack was created by Prof_gLX.

You can download them from Prof gLX's GitHub

PCSX2 Bezel Pack (Untested)

Pack created by TheSaltTrader but not officially tested/released download from Mediafire

Apply Bezel Images with ReShade

See this guide on the Sinden ReShade wiki page

Alternate Bezel Images

These Bezels have been created and uploaded mainly to the Sinden Discord by community members. Dougan78 has been a main contributor along with others, so big thanks to everyone that created Sinden specific bezels.

Some of the systems that have alternate images include:-

  • PC/Arcade PC games
  • NES
  • SNES
  • PS2
  • SMS
  • Saturn
  • American Laser Games (ALG)
  • Action Max

Download Alternate Images

They can be downloaded from Mega