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Emulates: Hypseus Singe
Download: DirtBagXon GitHub page
License: Free (GNU GPLv3)
Hypseus gameplay.png

Hypseus Singe is a fork and SDL2 version of Daphne and Singe.

A program to play laserdisc arcade games

Installation Guide

If you are using Barebones 9, then Hypseus is preinstalled and you need not follow this guide.

  • First install hypseus-singe per the github instructions (https://github.com/DirtBagXon/hypseus-singe/blob/master/src/3rdparty/retropie/RETROPIE.md)
  • Then download the game folder from the hypseus_singe_data github (https://github.com/DirtBagXon/hypseus_singe_data/tree/master/00-singe1)
  • Rename the folder by adding .daphne after it and put that folder into your /roms/daphne folder.
  • Then add your .m2v and .ogg files into the /cdrom subfolder within the game folder. Make sure to check the <gamename>.txt file to ensure you have the correct .m2v and .ogg files and path; the names & path should match.
  • Then create a <gamename>.commands text file and add a single line with the parameters for the sinden gun & borders. Just add the line -blend_sprites -manymouse -x 800 -y 600 -sinden 5 w, or for HD versions of the games use -blend_sprites -oversize_overlay -sinden 10 w instead to prevent audio sync and crosshair alignment issues.
  • Save the file with the correct gamename (i.e. maddog2.commands) and add it to the game folder.
  • Then run from the daphne menu.
  • Left shoulder button on gamepad also exits game
  • Hypseus ports lack the 2-player features of the arcade originals

Also note, platoon seems to be the only game where you need to convert the .mp4 file to separate .m2v & .ogg files with ffmgeg, see directions on the github. Platoon is also the only game where the .m2v & .ogg files are saved in the root gamefolder and not the /cdrom subfolder.



Rom Location

Place your ROMs in /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/daphne