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How to setup an Infinity Transcription Pedal

Video Setup Guide

Download Biped Software

Download the Biped software from the Fairfieldt GitHub page

Example emulator direct mapping

Some emulators like PCSX2 can use the pedal inputs directly and can be configured in their own controller mapping interface.

Infinity Pedal PCSX2.png

Arduino Mods

Arduino Mod - Hardwired

Another option for the Infinity Pedal is to replace the factory control board with an Arduino Pro Micro to directly send keyboard and mouse inputs. More information can be found in the following video.

Arduino Mod - Wireless

If you're doing the Arduino mod, you may consider also adding wireless capability to the pedal. This requires some additional components as well as a separate receiver circuit, but does allow for full wireless play.


Edit the mame.ini file and set keyboardprovider = dinput