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Operating systems that are Linux based, Unix based or Linux like will be referred to simply as Nix systems for this article.

This is a general setup guide, and can be used with or without front ends as its general purpose is to get the software libraries installed to allow the Sinden Lightguns to function properly.

It is general because not all Nix systems are the same, but follow some of the same principles for software installation.

Almost all software on Nix systems require 2 things: required libraries loaded and the PATH updated so that the OS user can use them.

Supported Operating Systems

While the Sinden Software should run on most Nix systems, check the latest Supported OS List.

Sinden Drivers Setup

First, download the the latest Sinden software. Inside will be a folder for x86 Linux; look over the 2 scripts, and


Gives someone using RetroPie access to run scripts that start and stop the lightgun processes via retropie frontend.

Obviously, you'll need to modify that to put those scripts somewhere else that your front end can access, or just from CLI if you wish.


Gives you a list of required software that's needed to run the Sinden software.

  • Load required libraries listed in
  • Move the scripts referenced in (into whatever folder you wish based on your Nix environment)
  • Execute them to start / stop the Sinden lightgun software.

After the required libraries are installed, the Sinden Software can be started and your gun will function. You now need to get an overlay border setup using Retroarch, or for standalone emulators, see the following section.

Border Overlay (for GNOME Shell)

Border Overlays might be required if you are not using RetroArch on Nix systems and are using standalone emulators. The border overlays allow the Sinden Lightguns to function properly for your standalone emulators when RetroArch is not available.

One method to create a border overlay is through Gnome which is a very popular desktop environment that is compatible on many Nix OSes.

Thanks to discord user aaronbpaden for his Gnome Shell Extension - White Border Overlay that he has created.

Go here to download: White Border Overlay

Hit him up for any questions or comments, enjoy!