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Setup Guide For The GRS Sinden Target Pro Shotgun

Your new GRS Sinden Target Pro shotgun is compatible with the following systems:

  • Arcade1Up - Big Buck Hunter - Plug and play out the box but a Player 2 shotgun will need a firmware update on windows to change to Player2.
  • PC - Windows
  • PC - Linux
  • PC - Batocera
  • Raspberry Pi - Linux Based distributions including RetroPie and Batocera
  • Other Linux Devices - Linux driver should work but test and email support if it doesn't work, will do our best to get you up and running.

In regards to hardware the Shotgun is exactly the same hardware as a normal recoil Sinden Lightgun, however to work plug and play on an Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter cabinet it is configured differently in the firmware. Depending on what you are using it for it is important to understand the differences which will be described on this page. You may need to change the shotgun settings in Windows in the Sinden software depending on how you plan to use it.

Setup Guide for Arcade1Up - Big Buck Hunter

To setup a single shotgun, unplug your original arcade1up player1 shotgun (usually the green one) and replace it with your GRS Sinden Target Pro shotgun.  There is a USB dongle for connecting it to the same socket as the original shotgun, or you can feed the USB cable through the gap where you store the shotgun in the cabinet and connect directly to the Big Buck Hunter PCB. You can also store excess cable in the riser.

The Arcade1Up community generally recommends removing the metal shield around the Big Buck Hunter PCB to help avoid the PCB overheating and possibly malfunctioning in the future, especially if you live somewhere hot.  This may be something you might want to research and consider (This is nothing to do with the shotgun but seems to be useful advice to follow at your own risk).

When storing the shotgun in the cabinet, it is significantly heavier than an original Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter shotgun so please be careful everytime you insert and remove the shotgun from the cabinet.  Some modders have added padding inside their cabinet to protect the original Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter lightguns on insert so it is worth also considering this for your new GRS Sinden Target Pro shotgun(s).

The Trigger and Pump Action functionality will all work as standard.  Additionally the front of the large side buttons on each side will also function as a Pump Action and the rear side buttons will function as a start button.

Recoil is disabled as standard, but if you push up on the DPad it will enable trigger recoil.  This fires a recoil everytime you pulled the trigger.  The shotgun is not aware if you have run out of ammo so will fire a recoil even if you try to fire with no ammo.  In general a Big Buck Hunter gamer will Pump Action straight after their shot so this won't be an issue.

If you push Dpad up a second time then it will also enable recoil on the Pump Action, which gives a very nice satisfying and cool reloading action.  However please note that advanced users who are rapid firing and reloading, this will drain the recoil energy very quickly and the recoil will not be as strong.  The GRS Sinden Target Pro shotgun has a capacitor that builds up energy from the USB and then uses that energy whenever you fire recoil.  So if you fire very rapidly and also recoil on reload then there will be less time to charge the capacitor in between recoil firing, it will still fire the recoil but the strength will be lower. Push DPad up one more time to disable recoil.

There is also an easy mode in the Big Buck Hunter menu which means you don't need to reload in between shots.  This is especially good for children.

A reminder to do the in game Lightgun calibration on the cabinet menu.

The recoil settings will reset each time the cabinet is turned on and off.

To reduce the complexity of distribution, if you also have a second shotgun for 2 player then it will need some configuration on a windows PC to set it up to be Player2. Please see the Update Shotgun Firmware AND Update Camera Name further down this page. The firmware needs to be updated to ShotgunP2 and the camera name to SindenGUN2.

Update Shotgun Firmware

This has to be done inside windows, please download the latest Sinden windows software v2.07 or higher.

Only connect the lightgun whose firmware you want to change and load the Sinden software.

Normally the Sinden windows software will autorun but assuming this is your first run it won't autorun unless you approve the terms and conditions first. If it's not your first run then you need to click "stop" at the top. Go to the firmware upgrade tab. You should see a device in the top left "Detected Lightguns" box. If you don't please click refresh or double check the lightgun is connected. Click the lightgun in the top left box and then click on the "Select Lightgun" box. After this you can then select what firmware you want. The most likely is that you want to change to a Player2 Shotgun. So click on ShotgunP2 radio button. When you run the upgrade you have to just let it run, so DON'T change tabs and check your emails or go to play a game. Just leave the computer completely alone and click "Update Selected Lightgun Firmware". It should warn you the same thing, so please follow the advice.

It should take a couple of minutes then complete. You can then exit the Sinden software and it should be ready and can be disconnected.

What the ShotgunP2 firmware will do, is if you connect to Big Buck Hunter, it will mean the trigger, pump action and start do the buttons for player2.

To control the P2 shooting location in Big Buck Hunter you also need to update the camera name, because the default ShotgunP1 has the same camera name for Player1. So please see the section updating camera name.

Update Camera Name

The default camera name on the shotgun is SindenGUN1 which means Big Buck Hunter knows it is Player1. If you are configuring the shotgun as Player2 on Big Buck Hunter, you need to update the camera name so it is called SindenGUN2.

This is done using this link which is a simple windows app to change the camera firmware:

Please select the ShotgunP1 or ShotgunP2 camera firmware where applicable.

The difference is that older Sinden software looks for a SindenCamC or SindenCamD camera name but arcade1up Big Buck Hunter needs SindenGUN1 or SindenGUN2, so the Sinden software was updated to support these camera names, the latest software from the Sinden site works happily with both, but if you have an older software download, for example Batocera it might not have the latest driver which supports all camera names. So you either need to patch your system to update to newer Sinden software until the updated Sinden software filters through to the newest versions or you can configure your Shotgun to exactly match a Sinden Lightgun but if you do it won't work on a Big Buck Hunter unless you change it back.

Using Emulation

Support for the shotgun has been added to the windows, linux and Batocera Sinden software. However if you are using older versions or an older image you may need to update. If using the newest software you should be able to use 2 shotguns without needing to reconfigure them.

If you are using Batocera below version v40 (v40 is likely to be released mid 2024) you need a patch for the shotgun to work, please follow the instructions in this download:

If you are using an old image for windows or Linux then you may need to find where the Sinden software is and update it to the latest version from the Sinden site. As we didn't create these images, it is hard for us to give too much guidance, but look for where the Sinden software is and copy over the newer files. I would recommend backing up the original files on your image in case they are needed.

If you are using a Raspberry Pi 4 and using barebones from the Sinden Wiki, this is a image with all the emulators correctly setup for lightguns and the Sinden software added. We would recommend changing the lightgun firmware to the normal non-shotgun version and changing the cameraID to the non-shotgun version. We will get the barebones updated soon so the shotgun firmware and shotgun cameraID will work without changes.

Final Notes

This is a new product and we have done our best to make it work across both Big Buck Hunter and normal Emulation simultaneously as best as we can. If our guide can be improved or you have feedback on anything we have missed or you get stuck then please contact us and we are happy to help and passionate to get you up and running.