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The new 2.05 beta release of the driver software, which allows you to configure 2 lightguns in the same software instance however it is still in beta so bus may be encountered.

If you are using an older release of the Sinden driver software, like 1.07 or 1.08, you will need to duplicate the folder with the Sinden software, and run the program twice, once from each folder. Set up each program to connect to one of the guns.

  • Use two new Sinden software folders. Do not configure lightgun 1 and then make a copy of the lightgun 1 Sinden folder for lightgun 2.
  • Follow the Visual Setup Guide and only have one lightgun plugged in at a time when configuring the Sinden software.
  • Do not plug in both guns into a hub. Hubs should be avoided if possible. If a hub must be used, only have one gun plugged into it with no other devices.
  • Besides the mouse buttons (MouseLeft, MouseRight, MouseMiddle) for trigger, reload, etc., lightgun 2 should have different button assignments for the rest of the buttons.

Important note: If you have two guns with the same ID (for instance 2x Blue or 2x Black etc) then please see the Changing the Sinden Camera page

If you have two guns with the same Camera ID (for example both guns have Camera A) then please contact Customer Service at customerservices@sindenlightgun.com

The new 2.05 beta release will allow you the run both guns if they have the same Camera ID