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DemulShooter is a small tool created by Argonlefou to allow the use of 1 or more lightguns to interface with various games and emulators via raw input to allow for 2 player action as well as small fixes to games that do not support mouse input natively.

You can Download DemulShooter from DemulShooter GitHub

You can find the full user guide at the DemulShooter wiki

It is recommended to run DemulShooter.exe and DemulShooterX64.exe as an Administrator or that you disable UAC in windows.

To bypass the UAC prompt without lowering security settings, follow the guide at the DemulShooter UAC Bypass page.

NOTE: Windows Scaling must be set to 100% for DemulShooter to work correctly. Changing the native resolution of games can also cause aiming issues.

DemulShooter First Time Configuration

  1. Extract the Zip you downloaded and run DemulShooter_GUI.exe.
  2. Open Windows' Device Manager by pressing the Windows + R keys (or use the Search box on the Taskbar if you use W10), then type in the Run window devmgmt.msc.
  3. Expand the tree list and then go to Ports (COM & LPT).
    Device manager.png
  4. If you have two lightguns connected, you will see two USB Serial Devices. By looking in the Sinden Software, ensure you know what port is being used by which gun.
  5. Right-click on the gun that is used for Player 1 go to Properties, click on the Details tab, and select Hardware IDs in the drop-down box. Take note of the text that appears after USB.
  6. Open DemulShooter_GUI.exe, make sure the top drop-down menu has P1 Configuration selected, then in the P1 Device drop-down menu select the entry that has the same VID and PID values as your Player 1 gun from the previous step. Then click on Save Config.
    Match VID.png
  7. If you are going to use a second lightgun, repeat steps 5 and 6, but change the option selected in DemulShooter's top drop-down box to P2 Configuration and select the line for the 2nd gun's PID and VID.
  8. You can now close both DemulShooter_GUI and Windows Device Manager.
  9. To launch a game using Demulshooter, you have to launch it via a Batch Script or AHK; each game will have a slightly different command that is usually found on the game's individual wiki page; however, a full list of commands can be found on the Demulshooter wiki.

Troubleshooting Player 2

If both guns are controlling the same player in the game then DemulShooter has either not hooked to the game correctly, or it is not being run as Admin.

  • DemulShooter icon in the system tray should turn green to indicate that it is hooking.

If you are running DemulShooter as admin and still have issues, either both your guns are set as the same player in the DemulShooter GUI, or possibly there is an issue with your Batch/AHK file preventing it from hooking correctly.