Rez Infinite

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The legendary action-shooter finally comes to PC and in style! Blast your way through mind-melting visuals and amazing beats, all in your quest through cyberspace to save a world on the verge of collapse.

Rez Infinite is a musical rail shooter developed by Monstars Inc. and Resonair, released in 2017, that can be played with the Sinden Lightgun.


Available for download from the Steam Store

Windows Game
Download: Steam
License: Commercial
Game info
Developer: Resonair, Monstairs Inc.
Released: 9 Aug, 2017
Players: 1 Players
Type: Rhythm-based shooter
Rez title.jpg
Rez gameplay.jpg


This game requires a special setup to work with the Sinden Lightgun but it's worthwhile knowing about the following in-game options:


If you have trouble getting the border to overlay, set the game to Fullscreen Windowed in the Video Options.

Control Setting

Under the Controls Menu, set Constrain Mouse to On

Control Binding

Alter bindings in the Controls menu to suit your setup