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Emulates: Dreamcast, Arcade
Download: Emulation64 website
License: Freeware
Demul gameplay.png

DEmul is a closed-source emulator for Sega Dreamcast and arcade boards of Sega NAOMI and follow-up variants, including the NAOMI, Atomiswave, Hikaru, Gaelco, NAOMI 2, System SP (Aurora), and a couple of Cave CV1000 systems.

Useful Links

DemulShooter GitHub Wiki

Information detailing how to use DemulShooter with DEmul from the DemulShooter GitHub Wiki



Download from Emulation64 website


Download Reshade from the Reshade website

Magic Borderless

Download Magic Borderless from Magic Borderless on Steam

Note: Nomousy is not required when running this software.


It is recommended to install nomousy to hide the cursor. Extract these files to a folder the hard drive

Download nomousy from Google Drive


Download Bezel Pack from Mediafire

Setup Guide

Initial Setup

Extract the Demul file to an appropriate folder

Copy your Atomiswave game ROMs and BIOS files to the ROMs folder within the Demul folder

Run the Demul executable, and it should auto-start a configuration wizard

Set the video and sound plugins to suit your system.

GD-Rom plugin set to gdrCHD

Point the Plugins, Roms, and NVRAM paths to the correct folders on your system (usually in the Demul main directory)

Demul Plugin Maple &Paths window

Video Settings

From the top menu and select config, then video.

Demul Config menu with Video highlighted

Set the settings as:

  • "Window resolution" set to display's resolution
  • "Start in Fullscreen" (although it's best to leave this off until after fully set up)
  • "Aspect Ratio" set to 16:9
  • "Linear Filter" enabled
  • "Naomi 2 Thread" enabled
  • "Disable Opaque Modifier" enabled
  • "Disable Translucent Modifier" enabled
  • "Max layers" set to 8.
Demul Config Video Window with settings matching written guide above

Sound Settings

From the top menu, select "Config" then "Sound"

Demul Config menu with Sound highlighted

Set settings as:

  • "Disable DSP" enabled
  • "Buffer size" set to 4096
  • For issues with the sound, play with the "Buffer size" settings
Demul Config Sound window with settings matching written guide above

Two Players

To play 2 players, you will need to install DemulShooter; see the DemulShooter page for instructions on how to do that


To apply a border for the gun, there are two methods:

Control Setup

Find the "padDemul" file in the Demul folder, right-click it

Select Properties

Make sure "read-only" is not checked.

Back in Demul, go to the top menu "config"

Select "Controls"

Select Joy 1 for Player 1 or Joy 2 for Player 2

Under "Arcade" options, bind your Start and Coin buttons by pressing the relevant button and then pressing the button required

Atomiswave Games

Load Games

Loading a game using nomousy you will need to create a batch file.

Within the game folder right-click in a blank space to bring up the menu and then highlight "new" then select "text document" this will create a new text file you can name as you wish.

Load the new text document

Type the following command adjusting the drive/file path to suit:

Start C:\YOUR DEMULSHOOTER DIRECTORY\DemulShooter.exe -target=demul07a -rom=ROM NAME

Start C:\nomousy directory\nomousy.exe /hide

Start /wait C:\YOUR DEMUL DIRECTORY\demul.exe -run=awave -rom=ROM NAME

Start C:\nomousy directory\nomousy.exe

Go to "File" then "Save As"

Give the file a name of your choosing, but it MUST end with .bat

For example, gamename.bat


Load a game; press "F4" to enter the system menu

Press "F2" to enter the test menu

Select I/O test using the F4 button

Press F2 to enter the menu

Next, with the border up and with the Sinden lightgun software running

Aim the gun at the screen and pull the trigger

Shoot the top left corner, the bottom right corner target, and finally, one in the center

Do the same for player 2's gun; if you are only playing with 1 gun, use your mouse to do this

Pull the trigger when prompted to exit the calibration screenUse the F2 and F4 keys to make further adjustments to the game settings, such as the coin requirements attract sequences, difficulty etc. as requiredCycle down to "EXIT" with the F4 key

Press F2 to leave the menu and return to the game


  • Some games require both guns to be calibrated; if you only have one gun, assign your gun to player 1 and player 2 in DemulShooter. Once calibrated, remove the gun from P2 in DemulShooter
  • Offscreen reloading in games like Sports Shooting USA can have issues in older versions of Demul, make sure you are using the latest Demul version (Demul v0.7 280418)

Launch Script

Example Batch file text:

Start D:\YOUR DEMULSHOOTER DIRECTORY\DemulShooter.exe -target=demul07a -rom=ROM NAME

Start D:\nomousy\nomousy.exe /hide

Start /wait D:\YOUR DEMUL DIRECTORY\demul.exe -run=awave -rom=ROM NAME

Start D:\nomousy\nomousy.exe


The process for getting Naomi games to work is exactly the same as mentioned in the video above, but with a few exceptions:


Place the Naomi BIOS files in your ROM folder.

General Calibration

Enter the test menu with F4 and press F2 to cycle the selection;

Select "Game Test" menu to access to the second test menu for the game

Calibrate the guns in the same way as Atomiswave games.

CHD Game Calibration

3 of the Naomi light gun games (Maze of Kings, Confidential Mission, and Lupin The Third: The Shooting) require CHD files. The normal MAME CHDs can be used. Put the CHDs in folders matching the ROM name inside the ROMs folder.

All 3 of these games have a strange calibration screen that is not immediately obvious what needs to be done. Entering the calibration screen, looks like:

Demul Calibration.png

It has coordinates for Right, Left, Top, Bottom, and Centre

When the cursor is pointing at the right, click/shoot the right-hand orange tab

Press the Start button to go down to the Left and click/shoot the left-hand tab

Repeat for the Top, Bottom, and Centre

Press Start to cycle to Check, a cross hair should be visible and matching the mouse cursor

The mouse moves off a little as you get to the extremes of the screen do not worry about this, though, as it does not seem to have any real effect on the games.

Press F4 to exit and return to the test menu.

Launch Script

Example Batch (.bat) file:

Start D:\YOUR DEMULSHOOTER DIRECTORY\DemulShooter.exe -target=demul07a -rom=ROM NAME

Start D:\nomousy\nomousy.exe /hide

Start /wait D:\YOUR DEMUL DIRECTORY\demul.exe -run=naomi -rom=ROM NAME

Start D:\nomousy\nomousy.exe

Example AutoHotKey (AHK) script:

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

#SingleInstance Force

SetWorkingDir D:\Demul

Run, D:\DemulShooter\DemulShooter.exe  -target=demul07a -rom=hotd2, D:\DemulShooter

sleep, 1000
Run, D:\Demul\nomousy.exe /hide

Run, D:\Demul\demul.exe -run=naomi -rom=hotd2

    Process, Exist, demul.exe
    DemulPid := ErrorLevel
        PostMessage, 0x111, 40085,,, ahk_pid %DemulPid%
        Sleep, 10
        PostMessage, 0x111, 40080,,, ahk_pid %DemulPid%
    sleep, 500
    Run,taskkill /im "DemulShooter.exe" /F
    Run, D:\Demul\nomousy.exe
    sleep, 1000

Games With Special Instructions